Dish Washing Soap & Soap Dish
Dish Washing Soap & Soap Dish
Dish Washing Soap & Soap Dish
Dish Washing Soap & Soap Dish

Dish Washing Soap & Soap Dish

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Banish single-use plastic from your dishwashing routine with our plastic-free dish soap and soap dish. It'll leave your dishes sparkling, without the harming our Ocean.


The perfect, plastic free & vegan alternative to traditional washing up liquid!

Our lemon scented dish washing soap bar is made from plant-based and non-toxic ingredients that are tough on grease yet gentle to your hands. Our soap bar is biodegradable, plastic-free and contains no palm oil!

Our plastic free Bamboo soap dish is made from high quality natural bamboo. With drainage holes and grooves it’s the perfect solution to keep your soap dry between uses as well as making it last longer.

How it's used

This dish soap is a concentrated bar and only a small amount is needed. To work up a lather wet your brush, cloth, sponge (or even try OceanSaver loofahs!) and rub the dish soap until its soapy – and rinse your dishes as normal!

This soap does not produce bubbles like traditional washing up liquid, this is an effect that is not needed to give a good clean.

Ingredients & Safety

Dish Washing Soap:
Anionic surfactant >30%, Non-ionic surfactant 5-15% perfume.

In case of eye contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with cold water. If skin irritation occurs, rinse immediately with water and cease use. If eye or skin irritation persists, seek medical advice. Keep out of reach of children.

Plastic Free Soap Dish:
Made from Bamboo. 100% biodegradable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
I am so happy I tried this!

Best smelling dish soap I ever tried, which bubbles perfectly, and also kind to my skin! I am using it with a cellulose compostable sponge, not with the brush and it works perfectly. I am thinking about buying the brush tho.. Cleans very effectively, and it is not hard at all to use a bar of soap for the dishes!

Great product, easy and effective to use!

Works really well and would recommend! Before ordering I had two concerns - that it wouldn't be as effective as other non-eco brands and that the solid bar might be more difficult to use than the liquid I'm used to. Neither of these have been an issue, in fact have found it easier to simply rub washing up sponge on the bar with one hand and not have to use both hands to squeeze liquid onto sponge. Cleans all my dishes very effectively. I'm very happy with the product.

Michelle Coyle
Can’t get used to it

Maybe I’m doing it wrong but I think you need to come up with a refill liquid for dish soap. The soap bar is just not same.

How does it work?