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EcoDrops™ & Bottle Collection EcoDrops™ & Bottle Collection
products/ANTI-BACOceanMistFOPPodviz_09e4cf10-47d2-4b79-9e7e-c6a5a1c33931.jpg products/ANTI-BACOceanMistFOPPodviz_09e4cf10-47d2-4b79-9e7e-c6a5a1c33931.jpg
products/KITCHENCitrusKelpFOPPodviz_d328408c-bb3c-4a38-b582-df5364bea770.jpg products/KITCHENCitrusKelpFOPPodviz_d328408c-bb3c-4a38-b582-df5364bea770.jpg
products/BATHROOMPomegranteTideFOPPodviz_89ca4b22-f2fb-486f-a7c3-29a1a95f61e3.jpg products/BATHROOMPomegranteTideFOPPodviz_89ca4b22-f2fb-486f-a7c3-29a1a95f61e3.jpg
products/MULTI-PURPOSELavenderWaveFOPPodviz_89de139e-a3cf-4373-8c15-1666b9c113a1.jpg products/MULTI-PURPOSELavenderWaveFOPPodviz_89de139e-a3cf-4373-8c15-1666b9c113a1.jpg
products/ALLPURPOSEFLOORRhubardCoralFOPPodviz_5e98cc36-bb9e-4b43-a433-301a1690a9b9.jpg products/ALLPURPOSEFLOORRhubardCoralFOPPodviz_5e98cc36-bb9e-4b43-a433-301a1690a9b9.jpg
products/REDTRIGGER-Bottlesx5.jpg products/REDTRIGGER-Bottlesx5.jpg

EcoDrops™ & Bottle Collection

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    Totally biodegradable

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    Plant-based ingredients

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    Lab tested, efficacy proven

Apology: No, you’re not seeing things...that is a red trigger. Why? Well, due to COVID-19 and a halt on manufacturing, there is currently a worldwide shortage of spray triggers. The impact of this means our usual 100% recyclable white trigger is not available. Trust us, we’ve searched high and low, all over the world and there’s none. However, we really want to make sure you have everything you need to start cleaning with OceanSaver so we have reluctantly accepted the only one we’ve been able to find, which is the red trigger you see in our images.

We promise you this is a temporary change which we would never consider this in normal circumstances. We pride ourselves on being transparent, open and honest which is why we’re letting you know about the situation. 

To be honest, we don’t even want you to buy them! We urge you to re-use your own cleaning bottles – the ones that you have at home already, but if you desperately need to buy a bottle, we have this option for you. We will switch back to our recyclable white triggers as soon as they are available again.

Product Description: Build your squeaky-clean routine with our must-have EcoDrops™ & Bottle Collection. Each Collection includes 5 Bottles for Life alongside 5 of our top selling EcoDrops™. The perfect starter pack to replace your existing anti-bacterial spray, kitchen cleaner spray, bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner and multipurpose with an eco-friendly alternative. 

Collection Contains:

5 x Bottles for Life

1 x Cleaning Drop Anti-Bac - Ocean Mist

1 x Cleaning Drop Kitchen - Citrus Kelp

1 x Cleaning Drop Bathroom - Pomegranate Tide

1 x Cleaning Drop Multi-Purpose - Lavender Wave

1 x Cleaning Drop All Purpose Floor - Rhubarb Coral

 RRP: £17.50 (Save £2.51)


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