Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are OceanSaver®?

OceanSaver is committed to creating products specifically designed to tackle the problems surrounding our over use of plastic. Our goal is to help our customers reduce their negative impact on the environment by providing products which use innovative alternatives to the single-use plastics which we have become accustomed

So why is plastic such a big problem?

Plastics are designed to be strong and durable. However, it is these exact properties which cause such long term effects in the marine environment. Due to the durability of plastic it can take hundreds of years to ‘biodegrade’ and even then, it is does not disappear from our environment. The plastics break down into smaller and smaller parts creating micro particles, which could have an even more devastating effect. These micro particles are then ingested by even the smallest creatures in the ocean which think they are food. Once ingested, they continue up the food chain into larger mammals, and in some cases, can enter the human food chain. By focusing on the source of ocean plastics, we hope to help reduce the problem and help clean up our oceans

Why not just recycle the plastic?

Recycling plastic is a great way to ensure the plastic we use does not enter the marine environment. However, not all plastics can be recycled, and some plastics are only recycled by certain local authorities, so it is not quite as simple as putting plastic in the recycling bin. In fact, we recover 70% of the plastic which is placed into the economy, but we only recycle 32%! (

Are OceanSaver® products completely plastic free?

OceanSaver aim to eliminate plastic wherever possible, but where that is impossible due to current production techniques, we are using plastics which have a much longer usable life than the equivalent option, are easily recyclable at the end of their useful life, or are fully, and easily biodegradable in the environment.

Are OceanSaver® pods biodegradable?

OceanSaver pods are fully biodegrade.

How are your OceanSaver® pods better for the ocean?

Our OceanSaver pods are the perfect solution to reusing trigger bottles in the home. Trigger bottles outlive the lifespan of the contents of the bottle, but once the contents are used up, what do you do with the bottle?! Ocean Saver® have developed concentrated pods which allow you to reuse your bottles again and again.

Why do I have to re-use my bottle?

By re-using your existing bottle, you are extending the life of your trigger bottle, this not only reduces your plastic waste, but by prolonging the life of the bottle it reduces the energy which would have been used collecting, recycling, re-filling and re-distributing more bottles. Since most trigger sprays are made up of 90% water, we eliminate this and deliver the active 10% straight to your door.

There is a symbol showing as harmful to fish, how can this be saving the ocean?

Our products are provided to you in a highly-concentrated form in order to reduce packaging waste and transport emissions. In this form, we need to include certain warnings, but once diluted our cleaners would no longer be classified as a health or environmental hazard.

Do your pods work? How good is the cleaning performance?

We have spent hours in the lab testing and developing the formulations to make sure they are effective and great at what they do. We have tested our products against brand leaders and know that we provide equivalent cleaning performance without the plastic waste.

I have received my pods but do not have a 750ml bottle – what can I use?

Our pods are designed to have maximum cleaning efficiency at 750ml, but they can be diluted in any bottle size between 500ml and 1L.

Does the bottle have to be completely empty before I can use your pods?

Yes, we recommend the bottle and trigger mechanism are thoroughly rinsed out before it is used with our pods. This is to remove the any residue and ensure the pod works to its maximum performance when diluted.

What about our packaging?

Our packaging is 100% plastic free, recyclable and compostable. We are proud of our unique box, which provides protection to the pods in transit and keeping the unused pods childproofed and safe for storage.

How will my OceanSaver® pods arrive?

The OceanSaver packaging is designed to fit through your letterbox, so no signature is needed. Once you have the pods, remember to keep them out of reach for pets and children.

Do OceanSaver® products work in hard water?

OceanSaver pods are designed to work just as well in hard water as they do soft.

How do I use the pods when I get them?

Using the pods couldn’t be easier. Simply remove the cap from your clean trigger bottle, insert the pod, add water (warm water will help the pod dissolve quicker), give it a shake, and you are ready to go. (The pods typically take 5 minutes for the film to dissolve in full, but the product can be used as soon as the cleaning concentrate has dispersed)

Are OceanSaver® products safe for homes with children and pets?

Always store them in a safe place away from children and pets until ready to use. Once diluted, the product is entirely safe to use in homes with children and pets. After use, your dilute bottle should be safely stored out of reach of children and pets along with your other household cleaners.

Does OceanSaver® test on animals?

None of the ocean saver products are tested on animals.

Do you sell outside the UK?

Unfortunately, we can only ship to addresses in the UK mainland, but keep checking back as we are working on expanding!

What happens if my OceanSaver® delivery is damaged?

We hope that your delivery is not damaged, but please let us know and we will send a replacement as soon as possible.