How Pods Work



cleaning pod dropped in to water
"Each pod includes a highly concentrated cleaning solution in a dissolvable film."

Active Cleaning Ingredients

Each pod includes a highly concentrated cleaning formulation.

Pod Technology 

Biodegradable Film

Each pod is made of PVOH film, and even though technically plastic... it's one of the good plastics that are dissolvable and fully biodegrade!

You Only Need 1%

1% Active Ingredients

"Pre-mixed" cleaning sprays that you will find in the supermarket are over 90% water, with the active ingredient (the part that actually does the cleaning) making up a fraction of the total liquid.

At OceanSaver we realised that if we could just provide the active ingredients to people, they would be able to reuse their plastic bottles, vastly reducing our consumption of single use plastic.

Everything Dissolves

Our Pods are made from fully dissolvable and biodegradable film, which means that once a pod is placed in water the film begins to dissolve and the active ingredients begin to dilute in to the water.