Donation to Ocean Foundation
Donation to Ocean Foundation
Donation to Ocean Foundation
Donation to Ocean Foundation

Donation to Ocean Foundation

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We are proud to be partnering with The Ocean Foundation . By donating today you are helping us reverse the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. To find out more about The Ocean Foundation and their activity please see here: . For any further questions regarding donations please reach out to us at [email protected]

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I got the floor cleaner and the Bathroom cleaner and they are absolutely excelent. My bathroom was so shiny and it smelled great.
no plastic whatso ever and of course no toxic chemicals which was my primary reason to order these products. the other bonus is extreme space saving and real value for money.
such a great product.

Trevor Owens
The ultimate refill collection

Brilliant!! Absolutely fantastic concept and amazing cleaning power! I’ve been using ocean saver products for almost 2yrs now and my home is spotless. Repetitive cleaning with any ocean savour product will remove any stubborn dirt over time like limescale left behind by lesser cleaning products and will shine like brand new.

carmen davis

bought the whole started pack. 2 of the bottles squeezy handles did not work. So the bottle was useless really. Used them as plant waterers instead. I felt the only scents and cleaners that are any good really are the Anti bac, which smells so fresh and clean and cleans really well, even glass and mirrors. The Lemon one is nice also. I thought The others all smelled the same as each other and did not offer any real cleaning, especially the pomegranate. I have since just bough loads of the anti bac pods and use them all around the house and will continue to use them.
Don't get me wrong, this is a fab product and I can only applaud the way the company has worked hard to engineer this to help save the planet. We love Ocean saver because there is absolutely no waste. The pods dissolve and we use the card in the composter. We will continue to use them and always recommend it to everyone we know.

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