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Spring Clean EcoDrops™ Refill Collection Spring Clean EcoDrops™ Refill Collection
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products/BATHROOMPomegranteTideFOPPodviz.jpg products/BATHROOMPomegranteTideFOPPodviz.jpg
products/MULTI-PURPOSELavenderWaveFOPPodviz.jpg products/MULTI-PURPOSELavenderWaveFOPPodviz.jpg
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Spring Clean EcoDrops™ Refill Collection

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Biodegradable, plant based, eco-friendly and cruelty-free, our Spring Clean EcoDrops™ are the perfect refills for your new season clean.
Collection includes 5 EcoDrops™: Anti-Bac (Ocean Mist), Kitchen (Citrus Kelp), Bathroom (Pomegranate Tide), Multi-Purpose (Lavender Wave), All Purpose Floor (Rhubarb Coral). RRP: £7.50

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    Totally biodegradable

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    Plant-based ingredients

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    Lab tested, efficacy proven

Our Spring Clean EcoDrops™ are the perfect refills to make sure you're covered from the bathroom to the kitchen and beyond. Spring clean your home. Spring clean the ocean.

Simply drop any EcoDrop™ into an empty bottle or one of our Bottles for Life, fill with water and shake to create a new, ready to use cleaning spray that is environmentally friendly.

Refill Collection Contains:

1 x Cleaning Drop Anti-Bac - Ocean Mist

1 x Cleaning Drop Kitchen - Citrus Kelp

1 x Cleaning Drop Bathroom - Pomegranate Tide

1 x Cleaning Drop Multi-Purpose - Lavender Wave

1 x Cleaning Drop All Purpose Floor - Rhubarb Coral

 RRP: £7.50

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