The Plastic Problem

The Plastic Problem

The sea horse and the cotton bud, suffocating turtles, or just the mountains of discarded plastic bottles on our beaches, we've all come face to face with the plastic problem.

Our OceanSaver® Products

Why OceanSaver Pods

Why OceanSaver® Pods?

At OceanSaver, we’re on a mission to get everyone to reduce their plastic consumption, by launching a range of products which eradicate the need to repurchase single-use plastic within the household. We’re starting with concentrated household cleaner pods which let you reuse those plastic bottles under your sink and wherever our range eventually ends up, it won’t be in the ocean.


It’s been predicted that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.  This crisis is a direct result of product choices we make at home.

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Socially Aware

Some Customer Feedback

Having young kids, I’ve become really aware of all the plastic bottles I seem to get through. Ocean Saver Pods are fantastic as they help me reduce my waste plastic and do my bit for future generations


Not only are these cleaning pods the best cleaning formula I have used (and I was wary of my oak kitchen work tops), but they smell amazing! I add boiling water to the floor cleaner and I quite literally feel as though I am in a lavender field! But Apple and mint multi-surface is my favorite


Obsessed with these pods! I hate the half empty bottles under my sink and now I have 5 pods that do everything


I buy so many cleaning products each month because I have no idea what is actually under my kitchen sink! This subscription model is saving me +£20 a month! Awesome idea and they clean better than anything I have previously brought


This product is not only the best cleaning product I have purchased in years, but it is saving me from over polluting the oceans with single use plastic. Signing up to this subscription model has helped me to make a significant difference to the environment by simply making one single and easy change.


I am saving money and the environment using this product.


Best cleaning brand on the market – Apple and mint mutli-surface cleaner should win an award!.


Look nowhere else for luxury cleaning products. My quartz contemporary island is now looking showroom like every day. The product works really well also on the kitchen high gloss doors and any item in your house you may have resulting in a streak free home. A must buy!!.


We Have A Plastic Problem

by 2050
Plastic Problem
We have a plastic problem
We have a plastic problem
We have a plastic problem
We have a plastic problem
Begin A Revolution, One Pod At A Time

Begin A Revolution, One Pod At A Time

At OceanSaver, we want to lead a revolution, one which starts at home. We believe that making small changes, will make a big difference to our planet.

We are committed to finding affordable solutions without comprising on quality or effectiveness. We take an innovative approach to all our products and packaging, ensuring we use the latest in recyclable and biodegradable materials. 

We are proud of our range of products, that reduce the overconsumption of single-use plastic, preventing plastic piling up in our oceans and protecting our planet and magical marine world for future generations.