We are a company dedicated to saving the oceans for future generations. We were built from a love for the sea, and fear of how single use plastic is damaging it. We have a range of cleaning products that will help you commit to removing single-use plastic from your cleaning routine and help save our oceans for future generations 💙

An EcoDrop is a cleaning refill that offers superior cleaning power, with zero plastic waste! Our EcoDrops include everything you need to clean, but we take out the water and deliver a concentrated solution, ready for you to dilute with your water at home. EcoDrops are made from a water soluble & 100% biodegradable film (PVOH) and completely dissolves into water without generating any Micro or Nano plastics. And because we're not shipping water round the country, sending just one truck of OceanSaver to a supermarket is the equivalent of 12 trucks of a leading competitor brand.

Simply drop one EcoDrop in to a 750ml bottle, add water, shake, and clean!

Did you know on average each household uses 25 cleaning trigger spray bottles a year? Our OceanSaver drops are the perfect solution to reusing these bottles. Trigger bottles outlive the lifespan of the contents of the bottle, but once the contents are used up, what do you do with the bottle?! Most people throw their bottles into the recycling bin, but only 9% of plastic in our recycling bins is actually recycled. OceanSaver EcoDrops have been specifically developed to help you reuse your empty trigger spray bottles, and carry on re-using and refilling. This helps extend the serviceable life of the bottle, meaning less bottles are produced, and therefore plastic waste is prevented at source.

Our EcoDrops have been independently tested against leading brands for cleaning efficacy. We are very proud to say that our products have performed as well as or better than the leading brands they were tested against.

We want to make eco-friendly and plastic free products accessible to everyone, because it’s so important we all play our part, and any small change can help. Therefore, we have actively decided to make sure all OceanSaver products are competitively priced.

Unfortunately, this decision is not up to us. We would love to be sold everywhere and accessible to everyone. If you would like to see OceanSaver in your supermarket, please don’t be shy to let them know by contacting them directly! The more people that do this, the more chance we have of appearing on their shelves and reducing single use plastic in the cleaning aisle as well as the oceans.

Yes, we do! We have special 20 and 50 packs that we can supply to businesses to help them achieve their sustainability goals and reduce single use plastic. Please email trade@ocean-saver.com for more information.

No, unfortunately at the moment we only ship and sell within the UK.

We always have new products in our pipeline, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media to be among the first to found out any new news!

Absolutely! After purchasing a product through our website, you will be able to rate us as well as write a review. If you want to spread the word elsewhere, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook at @oceansaverdrops!

For any issues that aren’t answered here, please email us at hello@ocean-saver.com and we will always do our best to help.

The plastic problem

We are polluting the ocean with around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic a year. With this pollution rate being so large, the damage we are doing to marine life as well as our environment is becoming irreversible. The world produces 381 million tonnes in plastic waste yearly, and this is set to double by 2034. 50% of this waste is single-use plastic & only 9% has ever been recycled! Our actions as consumers, over the coming 10 years will determine the state of the ocean for the next 10,000 years to come, and this is where we come in. Your small choice to start using OceanSaver, contributes to resolving the global plastic waste problem.

Plastics are designed to be strong and durable. Great, right? Not so much. It is these exact properties which cause such long-term effects in the marine environment. Due to the durability of plastic, it can take hundreds of years to ‘biodegrade’ and even then, it is not fully biodegradable. During this time, the plastics breakdown and create micro particles, which can cause further harm to animals, our environment, and humans.

Micro particles are small pieces of plastic which can be mistaken as food by small ocean creatures. Once ingested, they continue up the food chain into larger mammals, and in some cases can even enter the human food chain – by focusing on the source of ocean plastics, we hope to help reduce the problem and help clean up our oceans.

Our products

With a care for the ocean, comes a care for animals. Our products are cruelty free and we never test on animals. Our products are also vegan, as they contain no animal derivatives! We are in the process of obtaining both a cruelty free and vegan certifications.

Yes, after purchase be sure to use your EcoDrop within 2 years.

When you purchase an EcoDrop, inside the box you will the EcoDrop refill, as well as 2 stickers that you can label your bottle with. We have to legally provide stickers with each pack because when you dilute your EcoDrop with water, it changes the ingredient concentrations, and this information is required by medical professions if for example you were to ever get the product in your eyes, or have any adverse reaction. Please don’t forget to apply these stickers to your bottle everytime you refill and reuse.

Our stickers are 100% plastic free! They are made from paper with a wax coating made from silicone oil which is fully biodegradable.

They are suitable for both, home compost and industrial composting, however, it is better to put them in the recycle bin. Recycling keeps the wood pulp which has produced the paper in the circular economy for paper recycling as opposed to removing it altogether which then requires further deforestation to replace the wood pulp source.

We only aim to sell products that can biodegrade or be composted at home. Currently products that are labelled as ‘biodegradable plastic’ cannot biodegrade or compost at home and therefore need industrial composting.

The biodegradable plastics you may have at home, that then go in the recycling bin, unfortunately, contaminate the recycling stream because they require industrial compost conditions.

These materials are a wood-based bio-plastic. A bio-plastic is a plastic that's made from a natural source other than petrochemicals.

EU regulations state that these materials are a chemically modified Polymer and are therefore classified as a plastic. This means that they have been changed in such a way that they are no longer biodegradable even though they have come from a natural source.

Chemically modified materials such as these don't naturally biodegrade and are not home compostable, they can take about 300 years or more to biodegrade.

Our EcoDrops are designed and have been tested to have maximum cleaning power at 750ml. If you are unable to access a 750ml bottle, a 500ml bottle can be used for our EcoDrops. However, we recommend that in this case, you use your product more sparingly as it will be more concentrated.

There are two ways it can be used. One way – dilute as normal into a trigger spray bottle, spray on to floor and clean using a mop. Second way – dilute in a bucket of 750ml of water and mop as usual - however, this does make the pod single use.

As long as the surface is coated, our products are suitable for most surfaces! However, we always recommend using a small area of the surface you wish to clean to test on first, just to be sure you get your desired result :)

Yes, they are! Our aim is to prevent single-use plastic waste from polluting our oceans so we ensure all of our products are plant-based, non-toxic, plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable or 100% recyclable.

We source high quality natural ingredients for our EcoDrops, but they are not certified organic.

No! Our EcoDrops are non-toxic, plant-based, plastic-free, vegan and cruelty free :)

Yes, our EcoDrops are septic tank friendly.

No, our EcoDrops do not contain parabens.

Once your EcoDrop is diluted, we recommend you use up the solution within a year.

OceanSaver EcoDrops should work just as well in hard water as they do in soft.

No. Our EcoDrops are specifically designed to give a superior clean using just one EcoDrop with 750ml of water. Using two drops will not increase the cleaning performance, and will waste a whole bottles worth of product!

Yes, once you have safely diluted your EcoDrop, it is safe to use around children and pets. However, we always recommend storing EcoDrops and the diluted product out of reach of pets and children.

Yes, your bottle and trigger should be empty and thoroughly rinsed out before use. This is to remove any potential residue and ensure the EcoDrop works to its maximum performance :)


Yes, you can! If you have set EcoDrops of ours you know and love, that you want to turn up at your door without even thinking about it – subscriptions is for you! You can choose to mix and match a selection of either 5 or 8 EcoDrops 😊

We all know that feeling, 'Oh no! I'm out of Anti-Bac' right as you're about to clean, it is never one we enjoy! With subscriptions, you can stop this from ever happening again, by having them automatically sent to you, as often as you decide! You can choose to mix and match a selection of 5 or 8 EcoDrops here: https://www.ocean-saver.com/pages/subscriptions

By starting up a subscription with us, you will no longer be charged for shipping fees. A subscription also means you will never have to think twice about having what you need, happy you, and happy oceans!

Nope! It is completely free to start up a subscription, you simply pay for what you buy, and will be charged for future purchases as and when you have requested them.

Yes! You can change or cancel your subscription online at any time, but if you have any trouble, please feel free to email us at hello@ocean-saver.com :)

Payment, returns & shipping

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