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The drop is made from PVOH which is a water soluble and biodegradable polymer which completely degrades into CO2 and H2O. It does not generate Micro or Nano plastics in the environment.  Our pods/drops are totally biodegradable!

In contact with water PVOH (Polyvinyl Alcohol) breaks down into naturally occurring elements which already are present in the environment. 

We aim to ensure all of our products are recyclable or biodegradable. Recyclable is a better option than biodegradable since materials are lost to the environment once decomposed, but where recyclable is not available/doesn’t fit the product type, biodegradable means that the products will not linger in the environment for hundreds or thousands of years like the plastic alternative.

We can confirm that our products are not tested on animals at any stage in the supply chainWe are already in the process of obtaining a certification.

We can confirm that there are no ingredients of animal origin used within the Oceansaver pods. We are already in the process of obtaining a vegan friendly certification.  

Our EcoDrops are designed to have maximum cleaning efficiency when used in a 750ml bottle. Our Bottles for Life are ideal if you don't have access to an old 750ml bottle. 

Yes, the bottle and trigger need to be empty and thoroughly rinsed out before it can be used with our pods. This is to remove any residue and ensure the pod works to its maximum performance when diluted.

Oceansaver pods are designed to work just as well in hard water as they do soft. We have taken a lot of time to ensure the products mix and perform well in both water types.

Using 2 drops will not increase the cleaning performance as they are at their optimum performance at 750ml. You should never dilute a drop in less than 500ml, or use more than one drop in any bottle.

Oceansaver products are concentrated cleaners on delivery to your door. Always store them in a safe position away from children and pets until ready to use. Each pod has its own individual compartment, so the box can be placed in a safe location until you need to use the next pod. Once diluted, the product is entirely safe to use around children and pets.

If your delivery is damaged, please take a few photos of the damage and send them to us at hello@ocean-saver.com. We will send a replacement as soon as possible.

Our Ingredients

We specifically aim to prevent plastic waste entering the oceans, and as such we ensure all of our products are fully recyclable or biodegradable in the natural environment. Although we are not certified, we strive to ensure that all of our products reduce their impact on the environment. Unfortunately, none of the "Eco-Friendly" certification schemes currently fit our goal to eliminate plastic entering the oceans, and many materials which would be certified under the schemes actually have a detrimental impact on the ocean environment such as Bamboo Viscose (this is actually rayon which makes up 57% of the plastic micro-particles in the ocean), and PLA (which is a biodegradable plastic but only biodegrades in certain man made conditions, once released into the environment it produces micro-particle plastic waste).

No, our products are not organic – most chemicals will undergo some form of treatment during its production and therefore cannot be classified as organic.

Our products are produced using EU approved chemicals. Our products have undergone a toxicological assessment of the final dilute mixture and it has been found to provide the high levels of safety expected by the end user.

Yes, our products are septic tank friendly.

Certainly not! The chemicals used in our products carry certain labelling requirements when used in their pure form. In their 100% pure form they pose a risk to aquatic life, this is because the toxicological profile for the chemical is measured at 100% concentration, not taking into account the small quantity of this chemical in each pod. Once the pod has been diluted, the toxicological profile is measured at 0.13% concentration, and the chemical no longer poses a risk since it is present at such a low quantity. This is further diluted during use, and by final release to the environment it has been diluted to such a point that it has actually completely broken down and is no longer present in test water samples.

Our products do not contain parabens.


The first fully synthetic plastic was invented in 1907, with plastic becoming commonplace in everyday goods from the 1950’s. Since then, our plastic consumption has continued to rise, and we are now using over 300 million tonnes of plastic annually – A trend which will continue to rise unless we take action.

Plastics are designed to be strong and durable. However it is these exact properties which cause such long term effects in the marine environment. Due to the durability of plastic it can take hundreds of years to ‘biodegrade’ and even then it is not fully biodegradable. During this time the plastics break down into smaller and smaller parts creating micro particles, which could have an even more devastating effect.

Microparticles are small pieces of plastic which are ingested by the smallest creatures in the ocean which think they are food. Once ingested, they continue up the food chain into larger mammals, and in some cases can even enter the human food chain – by focusing on the source of ocean plastics, we hope to help reduce the problem and help clean up our oceans.

Recycling plastic is a great way to ensure the plastic we use does not enter the marine environment. However, not all plastics can be recycled, and some plastics are only recycled by certain local authorities, so it is not quite as simple as putting plastic in the recycling bin. In fact, we recover 70% of the plastic which is placed into the economy, but we only recycle 32%! 

Oceansaver aim to eliminate plastic where possible given current production techniques, and where we cannot eliminate plastic altogether, we are using plastics which have a much longer usable life than the equivalent option, are easily recyclable at the end of their useful life, or are fully, and easily biodegradable in the environment.

FAQOur ProductsWhat is the drop/pod made of?What does the drop material breakdown into?Recyclable vs. biodegradableAre your products cruelty free?Are your products vegan friendly?I have received my drops but do not have a 750ml bottle – what can I use?Does the bottle have to be completely empty before I can use your drops?Do Oceansaver products work in hard water?Can I use 2 drops in the same bottle to make a stronger cleaner for difficult stains?Are Oceansaver products safe for homes with children and pets?What happens if my Oceansaver delivery is damaged?

If your delivery is damaged, please take a few photos of the damage and send them to us at hello@ocean-saver.com. We will send a replacement as soon as possible.

Our IngredientsAre your products eco-friendly?Are your products organic?Do your products contain toxic chemicals?Can I use your products with a septic tank?Is Oceansaver killing the ocean with chemicals?Do your products contain parabens?

Our products do not contain parabens.

PlasticIs the plastic waste problem really that big?So why is plastic such a big problem?What is a microparticle?Why not just recycle the plastic?Are Oceansaver products completely plastic free?How are your Oceansaver drops better for the ocean?

Our Oceansaver drops are the perfect solution to reusing trigger bottles in the home. Trigger bottles outlive the lifespan of the contents of the bottle, but once the contents are used up, what do you do with the bottle?! Oceansaver have developed drops which can be inserted into the bottle, just add water, and you can extend the serviceable life of the bottle, meaning less bottles are produced, and therefore plastic waste is prevented at source.

By reusing your existing bottle, you are extending the serviceable life of the trigger bottle, this not only reduces your plastic waste, but by prolonging the life of the bottle it reduces the energy which would have been used collecting, recycling, refilling and redistributing the pre-filled trigger spray. Since most trigger sprays are made up of 90% water, we eliminate this and deliver the active 10% straight to your door.


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