It’s time to celebrate at OceanSaver HQ! We have officially saved 1 million plastic bottles from reaching our Ocean and we couldn’t be prouder of you, our OceanSaver community, for helping us get here.

We’re a small business and are delighted to have welcomed so many new people to the world of plastic free cleaning over the last 12 months, so this is a really special milestone for us! One of our EcoDrop refills means one less plastic bottle ending up in landfill, or worse, our ocean. And 1 million bottles saved means 1 million EcoDrop refills are, or have been, in the hands of people all over the UK who actively chose not to use plastic. We know that the goal of being in every home is a big one, but moments like this show as that we are on the way!

To put 1 million plastic trigger spray bottles into perspective (it’s a lot) … lined up it’s the distance from London to Manchester, enough to fill the entire Colosseum or 30x the height of Mount Everest! When you begin to imagine plastic in these ways, you begin to get an understanding of what it would look like going into our Ocean instead.

It’s a fact that every plastic bottle you have ever used still exists on this planet in some shape or form. Plastic is extremely durable and has a lifespan of 500+ years. Meanwhile, only 9% of plastic ever manufactured is has been recycled to date. While plastic production has been steadily increasing over the last century, it is a shocking fact that half of the plastics ever manufactured have been produced in the past 15 years. Our oceans in particular are bearing the brunt of this excessive plastic consumption, with most of the plastic waste in our oceans flowing from land – carried to sea by rivers. Once plastic reaches the ocean, sun exposure and wave action break it down into smaller and smaller pieces, becoming microplastics, and eventually entering the food chain – through sources like fish and seafood or even drinking water. Meanwhile, millions of animals, from birds and fish to other marine life, are killed by ocean plastic every year.

Our EcoDrop refills mean that there is an active choice to make between another bottle heading to the Ocean or not. Unfortunately, we can’t recycle our way out of the plastic problem, even if we think we’re recycling correctly. We need to turn to refilling and reusing, and that’s why 1M bottles saved is so significant, but why we also need to keep pushing!

We want to say thank you once again for being part of our journey so far, for spreading our message amongst your friends and family, and for committing to saving our Ocean! Here is to saving millions more bottles.

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