Make Everyday World Oceans Day

Make Everyday World Oceans Day

This autumn, we’re teaming up with World Oceans Day and The Ocean Foundation Charity to inspire change and ensure our oceans are healthy, safe, and plastic-free for generations to come.

World Oceans Day unites and rallies the world to protect and restore our oceans. Their mission is to ensure 30% of the planet's land and ocean is protected by 2030, using June 8th each year to highlight their focus and raise awareness of the issues we face.

After our successful Summer collaboration, we’ve joined forces with them once again, working together to help keep our oceans clean and safe. And you can join in too!


  1. Sign the World Oceans Day petition

Hold our world leaders to account and let them know we want change. Sign it here.

  1. Make a donation

You can now donate to World Oceans Day and The Ocean Foundation Charity whenever you shop with OceanSaver. Simply click to donate £1 when prompted in your basket.

Clean home. Clean Ocean.

Terms and conditions apply.

We have partnered with the Pledgeling Foundation app to facilitate the donations feature on our website. For information on how this works and fees associated please see here.

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