Green is the new Black

Green is the new Black

Black Friday has become synonymous with overconsumption, overproduction and chaos. But it’s only in the 21st century that it has been truly popularised and became the global phenomenon that we know today.

We’ve all been partial to a Black Friday deal, encouraged to partake in impulsive buys and cash in on the heavy discounts that seem impossible to turn down. But the majority of us aren’t aware of the repercussions on the planet. In the UK alone, Black Friday 2020 produced 429,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, while many bargains acquired during Black Friday and Cyber Monday are discarded after one or even zero uses – with the majority of this being e-waste.

In the aftermath of COP26 and the ever-growing conversation surrounding our planet and the climate crisis, more and more of us are beginning to realise the immense impact that our hyper-consumption is having on the environment.

Black Friday may be profitable for businesses, but it is less than profitable for the planet! To combat the effects of Black Friday, more and more retailers are taking part in a growing online movement coined Green Friday, which encourages us to use this time to make more sustainable choices and step away from impulse purchases and bargain hunting being promoted elsewhere.

There are many ways in which we as individuals can take a stand against Black Friday with the choices we make over the coming weekend.

At OceanSaver, we took the conscious decision to not offer any discounts. Instead, we will donate 25% of all profits from the Black Friday weekend to our partner, The Ocean Foundation. We recognise that offering discounts around this time is part of the problem as it fuels impulse buying without consideration. This is why we are encouraging our customers to go GREEN this Black Friday.

Going green doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun completely, it just means adapting to a new way of shopping. Be more mindful in your purchases, only buy what you actually need and seek out for brands that are giving back.

Other things you can do to ensure you have a successful Green Friday are:

Shop locally – this will massively reduce the carbon footprint your weekend holds, and also means you get to support your local community.

Take a trip to a charity shop – In the spirit of making mindful purchases, a great option is seeing what your local charity shops have to offer. Whatever you purchase will mean a donation to charity, and a lower price point for you. Win-win!

Choose products that will have a long life – Investing in products that will be with you for the long-haul is the best way to capitalise on those Black Friday offers.

If you feel inspired to make a stand this weekend, be sure to show us how you’re doing it. Tag us at @oceansaverdrops on Instagram, or send an email to Let’s make Green the new Black together!

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