It’s festival season, and saving the planet is in fashion. Studies have found that around 44% of tents are left at festivals, whilst also discovering that UK festivals produce 23,5000 tonnes of rubbish every year. 68% of this rubbish heads straight for landfill without even a chance to be recycled or saved in some way.

There are even things to watch out for when it comes down to creating your festival looks. Glitter can often be classed as a microplastic and as we know, microplastics are one of the biggest dangers our ocean faces.

However, with Glastonbury’s aftermath improving this year, we have hope these numbers will fall over the next few years. And the impacts festivals have doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy your summer with good music and good friends. To make sure you’re being as sustainable as you can be, here’s our top tips on how to have a planet and ocean friendly festival season.

  1. Take a refillable water bottle instead of purchasing water once you arrive, there will be plenty of spots to fill up - refilling just one reusable water bottle could save you from purchasing many single use plastic bottles throughout your festival experience. Not only will this save on plastic, but also on money!
  2. Turn off all your appliances before you head off – save on electricity whilst you’re gone, leaving electricals on standby eats away at more electricity than you think, so you’re better off flicking all those switches.
  3. Use public transport to reach your location – most festivals will operate a public transport service to take you to your destination, and in the UK we’re fortunate enough to have transport that takes you almost anywhere! To compare, a car journey contributes 171g of carbon emissions per km, and traveling by rail is as low as 41g.
  4. Buy your festival outfits second hand - buying second-hand clothes is a really easy and effective way to extend their lifespan, keep them in circulation and out of landfill
  5. Always take home your tents and rubbish – as we know, things being left behind is one of the biggest environmental impacts festivals have, so just make sure to take everything you bring with you, home with you!
  6. To keep things clean, take an EcoDrop along with you – our EcoDrops are only 10ml so are perfect for popping in your bag. You can mix them up with water either before you go or at the festival, and we promise to keep everything nice and clean. The best part is your bottle can be reused once you’re back home again and again and again.

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