How Gen Z are leading the way on climate change action

How Gen Z are leading the way on climate change action

Who is Gen Z?

We've all heard of Millennials, Generation Z are who comes next. This generation is made up of anyone born between the years of 1996 and around 2011 and they will continue to influence consumer habits and change the world through their actions as they age.

Gen Z are known for being loud and proud, and this isn’t something that stops when it comes to climate change.

Their climate anxiety is translating in to action

One of the biggest barriers to action on climate change is that it seems so far off in the future, as well as feeling like the individual can’t make a difference. But Gen Z are showing us that they’re not only more concerned about climate change than previous generations, they’re also actively working to make a difference.

 According to a 2018 survey of young adults conducted by YouGov, when asked how much they were worried about climate change and global warming, 76% said they were “very worried” or “somewhat worried”. In Australia, young workers have left companies that aren’t doing enough to respond to climate change. They're also more likely to protest on behalf of the environment and take action in the form of activism than previous generations did at their age.

Environmental issues are leading the way in their career choices

In today's competitive job market, Gen Z is making sure that the companies they work for are socially responsible. The generation wants to be part of companies that are environmentally conscious, environmentally sustainable and socially aware.

A recent survey found that 79% of respondents said they would prefer to work for an organization with a strong social responsibility. 58% said they were more likely to apply for jobs with a strong social responsibility. This firm stance is sure to put even more pressure on companies and employers to put the environment at the forefront of their values.

They put their money where their mouth is

The Gen Z consumer is willing to pay more for a product if it offers them additional value. This could be an environmental benefit and/or an ethical one, such as:

A product that is environmentally friendly

A product that was ethically sourced

Gen Z are on track to change the world for the better

Gen Z are currently the most socially conscious, value-led, and environmentally aware of any generation in history.

If we’re going to tackle climate change and other environmental issues, we need the next generation to be on board. As the most environmentally friendly generation ever, Gen Z will be instrumental in driving this shift towards a more sustainable world. This generation has shown that they are ready and willing to take action on climate change: they understand what’s at stake, they know how big of an impact their choices have, and they have made it clear that they want brands and companies to take responsibility for their actions too.

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