On 8th June it will officially be World Ocean Day and as always, Team OceanSaver is celebrating and raising awareness. On World Ocean Day, people everywhere can unite to celebrate and take action for our shared blue planet, with one ocean and one climate, which connect us all. Get together with your family, community, and /or your company, and join with millions of others around our blue planet to create a better future.
By working together, we can -- and will -- protect and restore our shared ocean and climate. Join this growing global celebration in June and continue to grow the engagement year-round!
So, what can you do to help?
  • SWITCH your everyday single-use plastic items to a more eco-friendly alternative 🌏⁠
  • SIGN the #Protect30x30 petition and ensure our world leaders recognise the issue 🐬⁠
  • DONATE to World Ocean Day when you purchase directly through our website and help their mission to reverse the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world 🌊⁠
  • TAG #WorldOceanDay & #DoGoodFeelGood in your posts today to help raise awareness 💙⁠
If you have anything else you’re pledging to do to help protect our Ocean, we’d love to hear about it, be sure to comment below or let us know on Instagram @oceansaverdrops.
Right now, world leaders are making important decisions about the future of our planet. To have a healthy ocean with abundant wildlife and help stabilize the climate, we must protect at least 30% of our planet’s lands, waters, and ocean by 2030. More than 90 countries have expressed support for this goal. By signing the World Ocean Day petition, you can encourage leaders to take action and protect “30x30.” Please take 30 seconds and sign the petition HERE.

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