Meet our brand-new Bottle for Life 💧

Meet our brand-new Bottle for Life 💧

At OceanSaver our mission has always remained the same: take a stand against single use plastic, and offer a solution. We believe our range of EcoDrops, and our new plastic free dish washing products, offer an easy switch to a cleaning routine that is better for our Ocean.

So we wanted to make sure we are offering a bottle that we can proudly say does the same...

And so our brand-new Bottle for Life was born! We have partnered with the Prevented Ocean Plastic programme to offer our customers a better plastic choice, as well as support a programme that creates positive social change through plastic prevention.

So what is Prevented Ocean Plastic?

Prevented Ocean Plastic is made up of waste plastic at risk of polluting our oceans or waterways.. Collected in countries or regions that lack waste management infrastructure, the Prevented Ocean Plastic programme stops over 1,000 tonnes of ocean plastic pollution monthly, and this is only getting better!

How does Prevented Ocean Plastic become more than discarded waste bottles?

  • Discarded plastic bottles are picked up by bottle collectors from areas at risk of ocean plastic
  • The bottles are then taken to local collection centres for payment. Upon arrival the plastic bottles are sorted and then pressed for transport to plastic recycling factories.
  • At the factory, the plastic is washed, sanitised and processed into raw material flakes or pellets, all according to European and North American quality standards.
  • The recycled plastic has certified traceability from coastline collection until it becomes sustainable recycled packaging on supermarket shelves, or the OceanSaver website!

Our brand new bottle is made of 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic, and means that each time you purchase a bottle from us, you can feel great in the knowledge that you are saving 75g of plastic from reaching the ocean.

The lifespan of a plastic bottle is over 500 years, so it makes no sense to keep buying new ones. That’s why our EcoDrops and our brand new Bottle for Life go hand in hand, and are designed to be used again and again and again. We hope you love it just as much as we do.

Check out our new bottle here:

Learn more about Prevented Ocean Plastic here: and here:


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