Striving for all three

Striving for all three

At OceanSaver we have always worked to ensure cost does not come between the want to be more sustainable and actually making the change.

Until demand grows for greener products that are kinder to the planet, material and production costs are higher, but ultimately the more people that get on board with shopping with the planet in mind, the cheaper these products should get – and at OceanSaver we want to encourage that!

Our EcoDrops are priced at £1.75 per refill making them one of the most inexpensive options on the market.

One EcoDrop refill creates 750ml of cleaner, compare that to one of the leading brands of eco friendly cleaning product which sells 828ml of cleaner for £4.50 - we’re proud to be one of the most accessible and affordable options out there.

So, we have the price down, now let’s talk about the performance…Here’s some of our recent reviews:

“Great product

Great product, cleans well, much better for the environment and it’s cheaper than my original product. Give it a try!”


Easy to mix, nice fragrance, great cleaning”

“Great Products

Great Service

Great Products

Reducing Plastic”


“Great value for money

I have this delivered regularly and the stuff really works. Cost effective, no wasteful packaging.”


We’re blown away by the reviews we receive every day, more often than not when people try OceanSaver, they become an OceanSaver for life. Luckily, we don’t only have to go on reviews. Our products have been efficacy tested against leading brands and perform as well as if not better than them every single time.

If you want to have a closer look at how well our products work, watch here:

So, we can safely say we’ve ticked two off the list, but one of the hardest things to do when putting a product out in to the world is making sure that it not only works and is affordable, but also that it serves a purpose in helping to solve a problem. The problem we’re trying to solve being reducing the use of single use plastic, it’s incredibly important that our sustainability credentials are where they need to be.

Our products are vegan, plant based, non-toxic, pet friendly and ALWAYS 100% plastic free. But what else?

  1. Our EcoDrops completely dissolve when added in to warm water, leaving nothing behind
  2. The stickers that come in each EcoDrop pack are 100% plastic free, recyclable and compostable
  3. No shipping water, our EcoDrops are as concentrated as possible
  4. The boxes are made completely of cardboard (no plastic film) and are completely recyclable.
  5. All of our packaging uses biodegradable, eco-friendly inks
  6. The boxes used to send your orders in are often reused and given a second life to bring you your OceanSaver products
  7. Our new Dishwasher EcoTabs have received Ecocert certification making them the only dishwasher tablets available in the UK to achieve this.
  8. Our products are packaged in as little packaging as possible to reduce waste and increase storage space
  9. Our EcoDrops are designed to be used in the same bottle again and again to reduce single use plastic from your cleaning routine

We work hard each day to provide efficacy, value and sustainability all wrapped up in one product. We don’t claim to be perfect, and we’ll always be transparent about that, but if you’re looking for products that tick three pretty big boxes then you’ve come to the right place.

Want to become an OceanSaver and test all of this out for yourself? Click here!


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