The journey to Disinfectant

The journey to Disinfectant

You may know by now that the journey to our brand new Disinfectant EcoDrop has been a lengthy yet exciting one. Creating a concentrated EcoDrop that kills viruses, is 100% plastic free and doesn’t cause harm to ourselves and our planet has taken much trial. Nevertheless, we’ve made it and delivered a revolutionary refill and it is here to change the way you clean, forever.

We spoke to Lydia, our head of New Product Development, about the last two years of product development. Here is what she said:

When I joined OceanSaver back in January 2022, I was very excited to be moving this project along. There have been many highs and lows throughout this project and hurdles to overcome. With the entire team on board, we persevered and found our way through the maze of regulations - and I believe we are now launching our best product yet. The scent alone is a winner for me, but the cleaning performance, and germ-killing power make this my absolute go-to cleaning product now, all over the house.

We’ve worked with a new supplier in the EU on this project. We were lucky to find a supplier with the capability of making our EcoDrops to the high standards we’ve always guaranteed, including making sure they take 30kgs worth of weight (!), making them one of the safest on the market. We’ve been able to work completely collaboratively alongside our supplier – understanding our need to respect the environment in everything we do, sourcing the right plant-based and natural ingredients for the best end product.

We are so proud of this product at OceanSaver – and we hope you love it as much as we do 😊”

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  • Elizabeth Rickman

    Where ars the Laundry Sheets made ?

  • Elizabeth Rickman

    Where are they made, UK ?

  • Belle

    I am so happy I came across these products in Tesco. I was scared to try companies like Smol with a subscription service because I know they can tie to to them, but there was no risk with buying the cheap starter kit in store on my own terms. The different scents are brilliant and the cleaning spray is very effective. Highly recommend!!

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