Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

Superior Floor Cleaning Power. Zero Polluting Plastic.

  • Superior Cleaning Power

  • Plant-Based & Non-Toxic

  • Zero Plastic Waste

  • Not Tested On Animals

Floor Cleaners & Sprays

Help save plastic waste from reaching the ocean with one of our Ecodrop floor cleaning products. Just drop one of our plant based, non toxic EcoDrops into an empty bottle filled with tap water and shake! No fuss, no mess and zero plastic waste. Join the eco cleaning revolution today and become an OceanSaver.
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Eco Friendly UK Floor Cleaning

Small changes to how you clean the floor can significantly reduce the impact on the environment.

By using any of our eco friendly floor cleaner products, you are helping prevent plastic from reaching the ocean. You can also help by using one of our bottles for life, made of POP (Prevented Ocean Plastic). This is sourced directly from coastlines where the plastic is most are at risk of entering the Ocean.

Our powerful non toxic, plant based all purpose floor cleaning sprays leave wooden, laminate, tiles and hard floors with a deep clean and sparkling finish. They are also pet and child friendly too.

Get started today with one of our multi-purpose floor starter kits, and you’ll have the perfect liquid cleaning solution for all mud, dirt and footprints floor cleaning. Then once empty, refill from our range of refillable cleaner products, perfect for cleaning the whole house.