Only 18p per wash!

5 reasons why 1000s of shoppers are switching to OceanSaver’s Eco
Dishwasher tablets

1. Best ever
Eco cleaning performance

Proven to clean better than any other eco tab. Powerful formula cleans through everything leaving spotless mugs, glasses, cutlery with no residue. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or double money back*

2. 100% Plastic-Free 1000% Phosphate free

A brilliant clean for your dishes and the fishes. Better for the environment than most standard dishwasher tabs, which use plastic packaging and contain harmful chemicals that end up in waterways and are toxic to marine life.

3. 45% cheaper than other Eco Dishwasher tablets

From just 20p per tablet, you can achieve a superior clean at a fraction of the cost of other brands such as Ecover

4. So good that restaurants, hotels & bars use them every day

Tough enough cleaning for even the most stubborn of stains, without any compromise to the planet

5. Rate 5* by OceanSaver customers

Homes throughout the UK are recommending OceanSaver’s plastic-free dishwasher tabs for their incredible cleaning power, cupboard space saving & sustainability!

*100% satisfaction guaranteed in 14 days or we'll refund you and buy you your old dishwasher tablet again.

NEW & Improved Eco Dishwasher Tablets

Size - 300 = 18p per wash

£84.99 £54.99 

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🐟 A brilliant clean for your dishes & the fishes
🥇 Proven to clean better than any other eco tab
☕ Spotless mugs, glasses, cutlery with no residue
🌊 Plastic-Free and Phosphate-Free
🔒 100% satisfaction or double your money back*