This is the last cleaning spray bottle you’ll ever need

If you’ve landed here, you’re ready to ditch single-use plastic and enter the world of refills.

So, what happens once your bottle is empty? Don't recycle, refill!

a refill into your empty Bottle for Life and fill with warm water...

well until the refill has completely dissolved

your home to perfection!

The best part? You can repeat the process again and again and again and again.

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what is prevented ocean plastic?

Our Bottles for Life are made of 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic, a global recycling initiative which helps tens of thousands of people around the world to earn their living, clean their cosatlines and prevent ocean plastic.

Find out more about this fantastic initative here.



"We were happy with how easy to use these were and the speed with which they dissolved. The pods are very good value too"

- The Independent