The Bottle for Life

The Bottle for Life

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  • Superior cleaning power

  • Plant-based & non-toxic

  • Zero Plastic Waste

  • Not tested on animals


Apology: No, you’re not seeing things...that is a red trigger. Why? Well, due to COVID-19 and a halt on manufacturing, there is currently a worldwide shortage of spray triggers. The impact of this means our usual 100% recyclable white trigger is not available. Trust us, we’ve searched high and low, all over the world and there’s none. However, we really want to make sure you have everything you need to start cleaning with OceanSaver so we have reluctantly accepted the only one we’ve been able to find, which is the red trigger you see in our images.

We promise you this is a temporary change which we would never consider this in normal circumstances. We pride ourselves on being transparent, open and honest which is why we’re letting you know about the situation. 

To be honest, we don’t even want you to buy them! We urge you to re-use your own cleaning bottles – the ones that you have at home already, but if you desperately need to buy a bottle, we have this option for you. We will switch back to our recyclable white triggers as soon as they are available again.

Product Description: Did you know, the lifespan of a plastic bottle is over 500 years? That's why we're helping you to stop cleaning with single-use plastic. Our 100% recyclable Bottle for Life is designed to be used again and again and again. Just add water and a Power Cleaning EcoDrop. It couldn't be easier. One bottle. For life. 

How it's used

Wash bottle and trigger before use.

Drop your EcoDrop into the bottle and add 750ml of water.  Spray from a distance of 20cm and leave to stand, then wipe down with a clean, damp cloth.

Ingredients & Safety

Bathroom x 1

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Kitchen x 1  

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Multi-surface x 1 

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Floor x 1 

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 Window x 1 

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Great product
Excellent products delivered quickly too!
Isnâ€:tm:t going to save an ocean
As described on the site.