Eco Dishwasher Tablets
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Eco Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets

Eco Dishwasher Tablets

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🥇 Proven to clean better than any other eco tab
☕ Spotless mugs, glasses, cutlery with no residue
🌊 Plastic-Free and Phosphate-Free
🐬 Every purchase donates to UK Ocean conservation
🔒 100% satisfaction or double your money back*
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Introducing our NEW Eco Dishwasher tablets.

A brilliant clean for your dishes and the fishes!

Our Ocean is drowning in plastic. Most dishwasher tablets on the market come in non-kerbside recyclable plastic packaging or are individually wrapped in plastic. They also contain phosphonates that can harm UK waterways. Pollocks to that!

We designed OceanSaver® Plastic-Free Dishwasher Tablets to clean as well as the leading brands without harming Ocean life. Our powerful plant and mineral-based formula combines salt and rinse aid to give you a brilliant clean every time, all whilst being 100% Plastic-free and Phosphorus-free, making it one of the most eco-friendly dishwasher tablets on the market.

What’s the catch?  There is none.

Our tabs leave a sparkling finish on your dishes, glasses, cutlery, and pans without residue – even in hard water areas, at low temperatures, or on a quick wash. They’re also Vegan and Animal-Cruelty-Free. They work in hard water, at low temperature and are suitable for septic tanks.

They are so good, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, and pubs across the UK use them. 

We offer you a gold-plated money back guarantee. Love our product or we’ll refund you and buy you your old dishwasher tablet again for free.

Every product bought makes an impact, with over 2 million pieces of plastic and 11,000 litres of harmful chemicals saved from our Ocean so far.

In addition, every OceanSaver® pack donates to the Blue Marine Foundation, restoring vital marine habitats in the Solent, home to our native shellfish, cuttlefish, sea horses, sharks, and dolphins.

Join over 200,000 people who have said “pollocks to plastic” and become an OceanSaver today.

The Ocean Will Thank You.

  • Zero Plastic Waste
  • An ultra-compacted and efficient tab
  • Come in a small compact box to ensure we save space in your cupboard
  • Plant & mineral-based formula
  • Proven to clean better than other eco dishwasher tablets
  • Works in hard water, low temperature and a quick wash
  • No need to unwrap the biodegradable coating
  • Suitable for septic tanks

    How it's used

    No need to unwrap the tablet - the coating is biodegradable and dissolves in the dishwasher.

    Ingredients & Safety

    >15% - < 30% Oxygen-based bleaching agents, < 5% Nonionic surfactants, Enzymes, Perfumes

    Next generation tablet

    The eco choice

    Save a few squid

    1% for ocean conservation

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 261 reviews
    Louise Foster

    Have tried eco tablets before but have been disappointed
    Every other household cleaning product I use is natural so have been really keen to use a dishwasher tablet that’s eco and works
    Its fab and I’ve put some super grubby things in to test it out
    Absolutely flawless
    I love them

    Jane Slater
    Best dishwasher tablets

    They clean very well, things seem to sparkle & they don’t have any nasty chemical smell to them.Glad I have finally found a dish washer tablet that is non toxic. 👏🏻 👏🏻thank you


    Very happy to be using these dishwasher tablets!
    They do the job just as well as any non-eco brand!