Bottle for Life

Bottle for Life


The functional life of a plastic bottles greatly exceeds the short time it takes to use the liquid in "pre-mixed" cleaning sprays. This is why we decided to launch our 'Bottle for Life'. 

Breaking away from our current buying habits is key to preventing the irreversible damage that our ocean's face. Every time we buy another "pre-mixed" cleaning spray, it tells manufacturers to keep producing single-use plastic bottles. With just one purchase you can break this cycle and switch over to a reusable plastic bottle!

When used with OceanSaver Pods, our 'Bottle for Life' helps to reduce plastic consumption and minimises the transportation of water around the globe.

Terms and Conditions
If your 'Bottle for Life' is damaged or stops working as a result of wear and tear, OceanSaver agrees to replace the damaged component (either bottle or trigger spray). In order to receive a replacement component, the customer must return the damaged component to OceanSaver, PO BOX 204, CASTLEFORD, WF10 9DW. OceanSaver will then dispatch a replacement component for all valid claims.