Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)
Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)
Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)
Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)
Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)
Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)
Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)
Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)
Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)
Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)

Eco Laundry Sheets (360 washes)

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💰Only 14p/wash = 129 FREE washes!
🌊 Cleans like Ariel PODs but saves our Ocean
🌟 Removes stains at 20 degrees, zero residue
💚 Kind to skin, plant-based, 100% plastic-free
👚Easy-to-use – pop in drum under clothes
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Superior Cleaning Power|Plant-Based & Non-Toxic|Zero Plastic Waste|Not Tested On Animals


Your laundry can save Ocean life.

OceanSaver® Non-Bio Laundry Detergent EcoSheets clean as well as Fairy Non-Bio PODS, without harming Ocean life. They also save money and space!

Just take a sheet and use it like a laundry pod! Add to the drum before you add your clothes and sheeets.

Did you know? All other laundry pods on the market, including the supposedly “eco-friendly” ones, contain ingredients at levels that are harmful to Ocean life? Just check the back of pack.

OceanSaver® Non-Bio Laundry Detergent Sheets give you outstanding cleaning and stain removal. They clean, remove stains, and freshen every time, even on cold washes and with delicate clothes such as silks and wools. Wash at 20 degrees to save money with zero residue. They also take up less space.

OceanSaver® Laundry Sheets are a concentrated sheet form of laundry detergent, made with powerful plant -based Ocean life-friendly ingredients. They are hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin. Vegan and Animal-Cruelty-Free. What is more - they are 100% plastic-free.

Compact, light, space-saving, and brilliant for travel, you can also use these as a hand wash for clothes too. Zero waste, zero mess, what's not to love?!

They have been independently tested on all the usual and unusual things you spill on your clothes, including baby food, spaghetti sauce, grass, and blood, so you can trust they are a shore thing.

This pack contains laundry sheets for 360 washes - that's just 14p per wash (vs. Fairy at 22p!)...or 129 FREE WASHES if you purchase on subscription!

Light Fresh Fragrance

Save a Few Squid when you clean!

Become an OceanSaver®

      How it's used

      Each Strip / Half Sheet is best used for 1 Medium load (About Half Drum / 3.5-4kg); One Full Sheet (2 Strips) is best used for large load (About 3/4 - Full Drum / 7-7.5kg)

      Ingredients & Safety

      An-ionic surfactant ≥35%, Non-ionic surfactant ≥15%, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Betaine, Sodium Citrate, Perfume, Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, Silicone Oil, Hexylcinnamaldehyde, Citral



      EASY AS 1, 2


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 130 reviews
      Love these

      Will never go back to usual soap powder. These little sheets are very effective at doing the job. If things are extra dirty I use two but got to say not needed often. I also don’t use fabric conditioner anymore and can’t say I notice much difference. As in the title. I love these sheets.

      Adriana Uribe
      The best solution

      I've subscribed to receive Eco Laundry Sheets every 6 weeks and these arrive through the post which takes away a lot of hassle. Ocean Saver sheets work well with cold and hot water whether I am washing towels, sheets, socks or shirts and this should be the way forward to avoid plastic and many pollutants in the water.

      The best

      Just half a sheet for a small-reg load, and whole sheet for a large load! No heavy bulky bottle or box, no spills, just easy! I take 30 seconds to open pack and tear the sheets, popping them in a small sealable box just so it’s super quick each laundry load. Make sure the sheets are at the back of your machine before starting the wash.

      How does it work?