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Cleaning, Reinvented.

cleaning pod dropped in to water
"Add one pod to 750ml of water to refill your cleaning sprays. It's that simple."
Not tested on animals
Vegan friendly

How it Works...

1. Place a concentrated pod into an empty bottle

2. Add water to dilute

3. Shake to mix

Why Use Pods?

cleaning pod dropped in to water

1. The active ingredient in cleaning sprays (the part that actually does the cleaning) is often less than 10% of the liquid in the bottle - the rest being just water.

2. The functional life of a plastic bottle greatly exceeds the short time it takes to use the liquid in "pre-mixed" cleaning sprays.

3. Every time you buy another "pre-mixed" cleaning spray, it tells manufacturers to keep producing single-use plastic bottles.

4. You most likely have several cleaning sprays under your sink, so why not try OceanSaver Pods and refill and reuse those bottles once empty?

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